Go Cozy

Instantly lessen your power use by lowering your heat a degree or two. Heating and cooling add up to about half the energy you use in your house. So unearth that plush robe in the back of your closet. If you’re “not the robe type,” slip on your favorite sweatshirt- or some people prefer a warm pet in their lap. Give your local power plant a break and reduce the emissions it produces.

Photo by Rosie Kerr

TIP: Do others in your home complain when you turn the thermostat down? I can instantly tell when my husband tries to sneak the temperature even one degree lower than what we agreed. If it’s really making people uncomfortable, turn the heat down at bedtime instead and see if anyone notices. You will, on your heating bill.

Ok, what are you waiting for?

A BIGGER STEP: With a little cash and effort you can install a programmable thermostat. It regulates the temperature according to your wishes. In our house, the temperature goes down when we’re at work & school during the day, and  is back to normal by the time we get home. Same thing at night. The heat automatically turns on every morning, and it’s nice and toasty by the time we get up.

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