Lighting Quiz

Photo by Raul Varzar

How are you doing with your lighting? See how you stack up in the quiz below, and pat yourself on the back for the progress you’re making!

WARNING: Think twice about the lights. Someone at work turns out the lights in our restroom on occasion. One day I walked in and turned on the lights and a voice in the stall said, “thank you!”

Novice: You’ve changed the light bulbs that get the most use, and are waiting for your incandescent bulbs to burn out before replacing others.

Intermediate: Among other changes, the outdoor lights are on a timer, and turn off automatically at night. The lights are only on in a room if someone is in it.  

Pro: All your bulbs are high-efficiency, indoors and out. You’re talking to facilities managers at your job and at the local school to make sure they’re on top of the latest technologies.

tires are like coffee

tire with bright yellow hubcap
Photo by Thomas Millot

Tire pressure is like drinking caffeine. Too little and your car is sluggish- using about 0.4 % more gas for every psi (pounds per square inch) under the recommended number. Too high and the over-inflated tires will make the car rattle and shake.

So maintain the correct air pressure in your tires. You can find the psi number on the driver’s door jamb or user’s manual. It’s usually around 32-34.I check my tires at home with a little pressure checker thingy. Gas stations do have machines, usually in a corner somewhere, and either broken or with a line of people waiting. See, you’re not alone! Take a couple of minutes to save gas– and have a safer ride too!

Curtains- Winter

Is the sun shining today? Open your blinds and curtains in the morning. The sun’s rays will help heat the room (our pets already know this). When the sun goes down, close your blinds and curtains, kind of like you’re tucking your house or apartment in for the night. Repeat the next day.

¬†Some friends tell me opening blinds is a pain because it takes time…and then there’s the nakedness factor. Just a suggestion, but wait until you’re dressed! If you’re really pressed for time, only open the curtains in the rooms that get direct sunlight. Take a break on cloudy days.¬† If you live with others, get them involved too. No excuses!

Why save electricity?