The Car You Hate to Love

Yep, this one is mine.

Owners will privately admit it: the minivan is the Car You Hate to Love. Believe me, I was not an initial fan. But we have lots of family members to transport. Kids to carpool. Stuff to haul. When we had a little ole pontoon boat, we’d hitch it right up. The minivan does it all, and with better gas mileage than most SUVs.

Here’s the secret to saving gas: commit to driving more often than your non-van friends and family. Because you can. And you’ll take 1-3 cars off the road every time you do! If for some reason you feel super-uncool, just tell people it’s a loaner or your grandpa’s car as everyone piles in for the office lunch/football game/guy’s weekend. It ‘s the most comfortable party car around.

Dead set against owning a minivan? When you buy your next car, give priority to those with higher gas mileage. And carpool whenever you can. I’m happy to give you a ride.

Cozy Quiz

 Have you turned down your thermostat yet? Remember, any step you take to turn down the heat is making the world a cleaner place (and saving you money)! See where you fall in this not-so-official rating system:

Novice: You turned down the heat from 75 to 72 and put on socks and long pants.

Intermediate: You set the thermostat at 68 during the day and put on a cute sweater or fleece. The heat goes even lower at night when you’re asleep, thanks to a programmable thermostat.

Pro: You crank down the heat and tell the family, “55, stay alive, people!”

During a recent polar vortex, an energy company had technical difficulties and couldn’t keep up with the extra power that was needed. They asked their customers to turn the heat down as low as possible. I wonder if more people have joined in if the power company asked everyone to lower their thermostats by 5 degrees instead? What would you have done?

If you’re asking, why save electricity?